About us

Who are we?

PJSC "Khersonsky Khlibocombinat"

PJSC "Khersonsky Khlibocombinat" was founded on the basis of Kherson bread-baking complex of State Manufacturing and Trading Company "Kherson Khlib" in 1997. At one time "Kherson Khlib" united three production departments in the city of Kherson, that have been founded alternately since 1953. Consequently, the production of bakery and confectionery products is carried out at the facilities of PJSC "Khersonsky Khlibocombinat" for more than six decades.

Over the past few years, the company has been introducing the best bakery technology that improve product quality and product range.

Today PJSC “Khersonsky Khlibocombinat” is a group of companies engaged in the production of bakery, confectionery and flour products.

Our mission

vision and values

Our vision is to build a leading company of specialists, who turn any dough into incredible baking and pastry masterpieces; to carry out strategic management of production and sales divisions of a wide range of bakery and confectionery products on the national and international markets.

Our mission is to invest in the development of the potential of our company, in order to create new products for meeting the needs of our customers with quality products in time.

The secret of the success of PJSC "Khersonsky Khlibocombinat" is following our values  ​​in our work:

• professionalism • efficiency • innovation • teamwork • social responsibility •

To build a better world around yourself, caring about the environment, raise standards of living, create decent and safe working conditions for employees.



In 2010 gold medals for bread “Minskyi”, "Zhitnytsia" at the XV International Specialized Exhibition "Bread / Confectioner Expo-2010"

In 2011 the bread "Belarus" received gold medal, and "Oleshkivskyi" – silver medal at the ХVІ International specialized exhibition "Bread / Confectioner Expo-2011"

The winners of the regional contest "100 best commodities of the year": "Potemkinskyi" (2011), "Troitskyi Desertnyi" (2012), "Bilkovo-vysivkovyi" (2013), "Tostovyi with flax" (2014).



The Company PJSC "Kherson Khlibocombinat" meets the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine, State All-Union Standard and Standard of Ukrainian Companies. To achieve high quality and safety there was introduced a certified management system of food safety according to the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine ISO 22000:2007. Processes of production and the activity of the enterprise in general meet the requirements according to the Law of Ukraine: “On basic principles and requirements for the safety and quality of food products”.