Korolivska nasoloda

“Korolivska nasoloda” offers a wide range of products to its clients: toast, Belarusian, baked, Finnish, dried apricots and raisins, various grains and nuts. The technology of the company has developed new types of bread, “Swedish” and “Lithuanian”, whose analogues are not represented in the south of Ukraine, these are brewed species, produced on sugared sorghum, which are very useful. Taking into account the wishes of our customers, the line of toast breads has been expanded: toast white bread European, bread toast bran, bread toast “Gentle” and toast with flax. Conceptual packaging is developed for new species.

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Wheat bread
Provincial Cake
0,6 kg
36 h

Ingredients of food: wheat flour and grade, rye flour rumble, drinking water, fermented rye fermented malt, kvass wort, yeast baking press, salt dish.